NEET Cable Keeper Review - Gamer Hub

By: Michael Wang


This highly versatile cable organizer, the NEET Cable Keeper, is a "must have" for anybody who is sick and tired of dealing with tangled cables and that's just about everybody. It's the first of its kind, designed to accommodate all the latest mobile device and computer cables like a glove.

Product Description and Special Features
The NEET Cable Keeper is constructed in a sleeve design, made with brightly colored fabric that is soft to the touch. The design also incorporates wiring that gives it the ability to fit a variety of cables and cords and keep them tangle free. Application is easy as well, thanks to the cable keeper's full zipper opening, making it possible to add one or more cables instantly.


This is a universal cable cover that's designed to make it easier to identify, protect and organize just about all of your cables and cords and keep them tangle free. The NEET Cable Keeper fits virtually all mobile device cables and chargers including a long list of items from top brands like Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Philips, Siemens, Huawei and more. In addition, it handles most tablets, iPads, smart watches, speakers, Bluetooth devices and most standard phone cables. The NEET Cable Keeper is 3 feet/100cm long which allows it plenty of room to provide a ìuniversal fit.

Storing Your Cables
The streamlined, vibrant and durable NEET Cable Keepers are built to handle the "on the go" lifestyles of today's tech savvy individuals. This cable protection solution makes it easy to form a variety of cables into handy compact shapes. The cable keeper also takes on some of the strain and stress that typically comes into play with cables which in turn lengthens the life of your cables; a huge benefit when you consider how expensive most of todayís high tech cables are.

Unique Zipper Pull Design
The Cable Keeperís zipper pull feature makes it possible for the user to install new cables, additional and even multiple cables, giving you the opportunity to organize all the cables you need in one, easy to install (just a quick zip) attractive sleeve.

Eye Catching Fabric Sleeve
The vibrant fabric sleeve adds a bit of flair to your cables while protecting them from fraying and making it easy to determine which cables are yours, a common concern in busy households. The fabric is durable as well, made to absorb everyday strain and even projects cables from pets.

In Conclusion
In our opinion, the NEET Cable Keeper is a must have for any home or office, providing the user with a reliable way to identify, organize and protect their cables. Just zip the sleeve open, tuck your cable or cord inside, and zip it shut. Now you'll be able to find your cables because the eye catching colors will make them stand out. On the other hand, if you've been looking for a cable storage solution that will allow you to safely roll up your cables, making them easy to take with you, NEET Cable Keepers can do that too. Even more important, there simply isn't a better way to avoid the frustrating mass of tangles cables and cords.