A Really NEET Idea for Clothing Cables - Sound & Vision Magazine

By Darryl Wilkinson


Stumbling through the Sands Expo, I came across one of those seemingly insignificant products that turn out to be an elegant and simple solution to a never-ending problem. In this case, I found the NEET booth and its assortment of Cable Keepers. Something the company calls the “World's Simplest Cable Management Solution”.

Using one of NEET’s Cable Keepers is like having a zippered pants leg for your earbud and charging cables. The 3 ft/1 m cloth pants leg (sleeve might be a better analogy) has a zipper running its entire length. To use, you unzip the sleeve and lay your cable(s) inside. If any of the cables are longer than 1 meter, you can “shorten” it by folding and tucking the cable inside the sleeve. When the cables are in place, you zip the sleeve closed; and the Cable Keeper keeps your cables snugly together.

The real beauty of the NEET Cable Keeper design, however, is the use of a stiff-but-bendable wire sewn inside. The wire helps relieve strain on the cables, especially at the connector termination points. The wire is also strong enough to maintain its position once bent into shape. There are a wide variety of applications, including securely wrapping the Cable Keeper (and the wires it contains) around your wrist or mount. It can also be shaped to make an impromptu smartphone stand.

Cable Keepers come in 13 different colors and are available for sale on Amazon.com now. Pricing is $12.00 for a 3 ft/1 m length. Additional lengths are expected to be available soon.