Gadget Review: Cable Keeper by NEET Products

By Luke Goldstein

On the surface, the NEET Cable Keeper is a seemingly simple product. It’s like a sweater cozy for your wires that you can zip over them. But its uses extend far beyond color and kitsch.

First off, the NEET Cable Keeper helps someone like me, who has an abundance of wires streaming off the back of his desk, identify which wires are connected to which devices. Before I wrapped my wires with the Cable Keeper, everything was the same: anonymous white- or black-coated cords. Now I know blue is my power cord, red leads to the external drive, and pink is for my keyboard.

The first benefit you don’t see right away is that the Cable Keeper is reinforced inside, so you can crimp and bend the wires in whatever way you like. This can keep them from swinging off the back of your desk, makes them stay put plugged into the side of your laptop, or just bend into a tight pattern for easily storage.

The zipper enclosure is also big enough to send one wire through multiple times to shorten the length, or place two or three wires (depending on their thickness) together to cut down on the chaos going on behind your computer.

Eliminate tangles, identify your cables, and destroy wiry mayhem on your desk. All this can be done with the NEET Cable Keeper.