NEET Zippered Cable Tie Wrap (91 cm/ 36 inch). Zips on Stays on. Cord Organizer / Management holder clip for all Earbuds and Mobile Device Cables.


Looking for a different size?


NEET Zippered Cable Tie M is an easy to use cable organizing solution. Made with a protective, vibrant fabric with a bendable wire inside, NEET Zippered Cable Tie M3 is a perfect combination of simple organization & added protection for mobile device cables. Easy to install with the full body zipper. NEET Zippered Cable Tie M3 becomes a part of your cable(s), so there is no additional piece to keep track of. Fits 1-3 mobile device cables. Prolong the life span of your cable(s) and reduce our planet's hazardous environmental waste.  No tools required.  No more tangles!  Life is better with NEET!

NEET Zippered Cable Tie M3 Is a perfect solution for:

  • Frequent travelers
  • Home organization
  • College & high school students
  • Office workstations
  • Color coding electronics
  • Bags or purses
  • & more!

Organize – Declutter the cables in your purse, briefcase, travel bags & life.
Protect - Sleeve can reduce damage from everyday wear & tear or a playful pet.
Identify - Adds a bit of flare & personality. Know which cable is yours.
& More - Use it as a cell phone stand, wear it on your wrist & more.
Install - Simple "Slip & Zip". Full zipper opening allows for easy install of 1-3 cables (depending on gauge or thickness of cables).  3ft/90cm Length – 0.25 inch diameter. 

Award winning cable management solution.

Patented Technology: Cables are a hard to organize because there’s no structure to the body. When installed the NEET Zippered Cable Tie M becomes a part of the cable and with the inner wire, it gives the cable a structure to easily managed.  No more tangles Guaranteed! Designed & Assembled in the U.S.A.