NEET AV Zipper Cable Sleeve
NEET AV Zipper Cable Sleeve
NEET AV Zipper Cable Sleeve
NEET AV Zipper Cable Sleeve
NEET AV Zipper Cable Sleeve
NEET AV Zipper Cable Sleeve
NEET AV Zipper Cable Sleeve
NEET AV Zipper Cable Sleeve

NEET AV Zipper Cable Sleeve | Pack of 2

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Product Description

NEET Zippered Cable Organizer is the ideal cable management solution for home entertainment centers & workstations. Easy zipper installation (or uninstall) will finally give you the power to declutter all cables. Includes 12 exit slots for fast organization of devices. Better organization reduces a wire tripping hazard in the workplace & home. Sleek black look is a great alternative option compared to stiff plastic cable covers or velco neoprene sleeves. Organize in minutes. No more tangles! Life is better with NEET!

Zippered Cable Organizer comes in a black polyester sleeve with spandex siding to accommodate thicker cables. The spandex siding creates a fitted, sleek look in black that will not an eyesore.

The double zipper flared ends makes installation easy with no tools required. The 12 exit slots give you freedom to distribute your cables to where you need. Twelve elastic straps allow you to secure your cables and adjust the length to ensure a clean display area.

Simple "Slip & Zip" full zipper opening. Zips on Stays on. Zippered Cable Organizer 48-inch/ 120cm is a perfect solution for: A/V entertainment systems, Home theater organization, Video game systems, College dorm desks, Office workstations, Multiple cable organization, Pro-audio equipment management & more!

Product Features

Zippered Cable Organizer AV Is a perfect solution for:

  • A/V entertainment systems
  • Home theater organization
  • Video game systems
  • College dorm desks
  • Office workstations
  • Multiple cable organization
  • Pro-audio equipment management
  • & more!

Organize It - Zippered Cable Organizer easily cleans up the wire web of any workstation or home AV setup with 12 exit ports and 12 elastic straps. Simply unzip, feed in, and zip up. Zips on Stays on.
Protect It – Protects your cables from getting dusty, tangled and kinked. Strong polyester fabric creates barrier against playful pets.
Conceal It – Unsightly cables will be out of hidden from view inside the 1.5” diameter organizer. Spandex siding helps keep slim profile look.
Shape It – The hidden metal wire aids in creating the straight-line look on the wall and helps to around corners.
Work With it - Zippered Cable Organizer allows you to take all necessary work cables on the go in one bundle. Perfect for DJs and professionals.



Award winning cable management solution.

Patented Technology:
Cables are a hard to organize because there’s no structure to the body.  When installed the Cable keeper becomes a part of the cable and with the inner wire, it gives the cable a structure to easily managed.  No more tangles Guaranteed!