Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a NEET Cable Keeper?
    It is the easiest and most convenient cable organizer in the market.  And it’s universal.

  2. Why NEET?
    NEET is Neat and takes care of a Need.  Everyone NEEDS a little NEET if their life.

  3. How does the NEET Cable Keeper work?
    Simplicity is key. Just feed and zip. Organize and shape your cables to take them on the go with you. Nobody likes a big, messy nest of cables when traveling. We set out to provide a simple to use travel companion for the person on the go. Every model of NEET Cable Keeper allows you to install multiple cables so you will essentially save space and hassle in your life.

  4. Where can I get it?
    Currently available on our website, Amazon and a few online retail partners.  Please check out our “where to buy page” for a retail distributor near you and also for International distribution channels.

  5. What cool feature does the Cable Keeper have?
    ZIPPER!  NEET has a zipper running the full length of the body to make installation easy. The hidden metal wire is what allows you to tame those messy cables. 

  6. Does NEET help protect the cables from pets?
    We all have that one cat or dog that just loves the taste of our cables, don’t we? Based on recent feedback, some customers have told us that the tough fabric shell actually prevents cats and dogs from chewing through the cable. That’s definitely a pleasant surprise and unplanned feature. With NEET it’s protected.  Your pet would have to chew through the outer material and metal wire to get to you cables. 

  7. Can we brand NEET?
    The NEET Cable Keeper is customizable!  We can customize NEET for you to promote your company, event, and brand.  Great for corporate giveaways, employee retention programs and brand awareness. Send us a message and we will gladly connect you to our authorized customization partners.

  8. What other product will NEET have and what is the future for NEET?
    We love providing the simple solution for all those tangled cables. Our philosophy is to make products to help you organize your electronics. We have introduced our line of chargers designed to charge your devices more effectively and efficiently. We are currently working on different sizes and lengths to help solve all of the world’s issues with tangles .NEET is developing a line of cable organizers for ear buds, laptop, home entertainment, and professional use such as for DJ’s and audio/visual work.