NEET Laptop Bag Press Kit


NEET Laptop Bag (Apprentice Series)


NEET Laptop Bag is a feature rich travel bag with “automatic expansion” to accommodate traveling with many gadgets, double padded protected bottom, integrated pockets for gadgets and storage built into the padded sleeve. NEET Products designed the Apprentice Series Laptop bags is designed to fit all the necessary gadgets while still maintaining a sleek look. 


It’s designed to maintain the sleek look of a standard laptop bag but offer more in terms of storage capacity and protection.  The perfectly designed integrated pockets combined with the automatic expansion allow you to pack more in without having a bulging mess of a bag.  End the tangled mess with the Cable Keeper® shoulder strap which keeps your cables and earbuds conveniently organized.  NEET Laptop Bag has a double foam wall of protection to ensure your laptop is safe in secure from the rigors of travel.  The compact size, automatic expansion, integrated pockets, Cable Keeper® shoulder strap and extra protection makes NEET Laptop Bag the ideal solution for the person on the go.  The NEET Laptop Bag allows you to take everything with you without looking like you are carrying everything with you.