NEET Zippered Cable Tie Wrap (20 cm/ 8 inch). Zips on Stays on. Cord Organizer / Management holder clip for all Earbuds and Mobile Device Cables.

NEET Zippered Cable Tie 8-inch is a simple to use earbud and mobile device cable organizing solution that will help you declutter your active lifestyle.
Zippered Cable Tie comes in 11 colors so you can identify your earbuds, cables or devices & becomes a part of the earbuds, meaning no additional piece to carry and/or lose.
The flared end & zipper makes installation easy, provides space for nesting during storage & gives freedom to adjust the length to fit your body or activities.
Zippered Cable Tie 8-inch/ 20cm is designed to fit all earbuds with no tools required. Simple "Slip & Zip". Full zipper opening allows for easy install of 1 pair of your favorite earbuds or practically any mobile device charging cable. No more tangles! Life is better with NEET!

Because it zips on and stays on Zippered Cable Tie 8 Inch is a perfect solution for:

  • Gym enthusiasts
  • Music lovers
  • Frequent travelers
  • College & high school students
  • Color coding electronics
  • Bags or purses
  • & more!

Organize It - Zip, Wind & Loop. Zippered Cable Tie makes storing earbuds and mobile device cables easy. Zips on Stays on.
Grip It - Helps reduce everyday wear & tear from damaging tangles & snagging. Reduces strain on cable tip by gripping onto tables and desks.
See It - Add a bit of flare, personality & identity with 11 vibrant color options.
Shape It - Use it as a cell phone stand and more.
Run With it – Lightweight so you can run with it! Designed for the active lifestyle. Easily adjust cable lengths to fit your body during workouts to prevent snags.

Award winning cable management solution.

Patented Technology:
Cables are a hard to organize because there’s no structure to the body. When installed the Zippered Cable Tie becomes a part of the cable and with the inner wire, it gives the cable a structure to easily managed.  Because life is better without tangles.