NEET Cable Keepers – No More Tangles

By Athena

NEET Cable Keepers


Generally cables are little difficult to manage but NEET Cable Keepers possess an inner wire to hold the actual shape and it provides easy organization as well as management. You can easily wrap and wind cables with the NEET cable keeper to place them inside your computer bag and they will surely be nice and neat inside your bag unlike all other cables and cords. The concept behind the NEET Cable Keeper is really very simple. Actually this cable is a strip about three foot long of nylon mesh, a flexible wire is embedded inside this mesh which can be zipped up as needed.

Here are some unique benefits of NEET Cable Keepers:

Reduce Cable Chaos: This cable consists of a bendable wire inside which can be turned easily into any shape. NEET allows you to wind and bend the cable as needed so you can put them inside a small drawer as well as inside your computer bag without any trouble. You need not to worry about tangles when you are using NEET cables.

Protection: If you wind your cables tightly, surely they got damaged eventually due to stress and fatigue but when we use the NEET cable keeper for cables damage stays far away. This wire keeper possesses a nylon mesh as an extra layer so the cables stay protected even if household pets try to chew them (such as an English Mastiff or New Foundland). 

Cable identification

You will be happy to know that NEET cable keeper is available in eleven different colours. Usually we lose our cables when working in groups (I work in education) since we all have white or black – but with the NEET wire keeper we have a unique color for our cables that can be identified easily.

Easy to use: These wire keepers are easy to use because of their slip and zip type construction. You can store more than one wire inside a single keeper depending upon the thickness of cable. It makes for a perfect casing for our cables so we can find them easily when needed.

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