October 19, 2015

Cable Keeper Available At The Container Store


Cable Keeper Available At The Container Store 

Fontana, California – October 19, 2015  NEET Products, makers of the patented cable management solutions, is launching the NEET Cable Keeper nationwide at The Container Store retail outlets. The NEET Products Cable Keeper is a one of a kind product that provides organization and protection for mobile device cables in great color options that are easy to identify. Saving time and headaches from tangled wires, this patent pending design also acts as a protective shield and allows customers to adjust the length of their electronic cords. Installation is simple with the zipper, allowing for a wider variety of mobile device cables to be installed. No tools required.  No more tangles!  Life is better with NEET!

 NEET Products is excited about the opportunity to offer the Cable Keeper at across the United States. The Container Store is the go to retailer for organizational products. “People go to places like The Container Store for all their organizational needs.” Said Peter Chin, founder of NEET Products. “I believe the Cable Keeper will be a hit with not only the inherently neat people but also with those that need help being organized because it’s so easy to use!”

 About NEET Products
NEET Products is a cable management company specializing in mobile devices and computer accessories. Headquartered in Fontana, California, NEET Products operates primarily in the United States aiming to expand into the global market.
The majority of the company's revenue will come from the NEET Cable Keeper M series, which will provide users with a solution for tangled mobile device chargers beginning with models for the Apple Lightning cables and Android Micro USB B cables. NEET Products also released versions of the NEET Cable Keeper Go for the headphone auxiliary cables and earbuds, as well as NEET Cable Keeper XL for home entertainment/office cable management in 2015. NEET Products is known for its innovative design, the exceptional standard of its customer service and creativity.

For further information, please visit neetproducts.com 

About The Container Store:
The Container Store (NYSE: TCS) is the nation’s leading retailer of storage and organization products and the only retailer solely devoted to the category. The company originated the concept of storage and organization of retailing when it opened its first store in 1978. Today, the retailer has 74 store locations nationwide that each average 25,000 square feet. The Container Store has over 10,000 products – many of them multifunctional – to help customers save space and, ultimately, save them time. As the pace of modern life accelerates, being organized is not a luxury but a necessity, The Container Store is devoted to making customers more productive, relaxed and happier by selling customized organization solutions such as custom closets using its new TCS Closets collection and its elfa shelving and drawer system. Since its inception, the retailer has nurtured an employee-first culture and couples its one-of-a-kind product collection with a high level of customer service delivered by its highly trained organization experts. The Company has been named to FORTUNE magazine’s 100 Best Companies To Work For® 16 years in a row. Visit www.containerstore.com for more information about store locations, the product collection, services offered - including the retailer’s new, personalized in-home organization service Contained Home – and to sign up for the POP! Perfectly Organized Perks program. Discover The Container Store’s storage and organization solutions at work in real spaces of its customers’ and employees’ homes along with tips, advice and product sneak peeks at the retailer’s new lifestyle blog, Container Stories (containerstore.com/blog). To find out more about The Container Store’s unique culture, Foundation Principles and devotion to Conscious Capitalism, visit the retailer’s culture blog at www.whatwestandfor.com or read Chairman & CEO Kip Tindell’s book UNCONTAINABLE: How Passion, Commitment, and Conscious Capitalism Built a Business Where Everyone Thrives (available at The Container Store, www.uncontainable.com and anywhere books are sold).

The NEET Products will be priced at USD $9.99 and available at all The Container Store retail locations. 

Media Contact:
Humberto Ibarra
Fontana, California
Tel: 1-909-350-3756

September 29, 2015

Products to Help with Everyday Household Problems



Problem: Tangled cords and cables
Solution: NEET Cable Keeper XL — Zip up the tangled web of cables behind TVs, workstations and desks with the NEET Cable Keeper XL.  Cable management for the home and office has never been easier. Unzip the Cable Keeper, feed your cables in, and zip up; your home theater system and workstation will be organized in minutes. The form-fitting Cable Keeper XL keeps all cables bundle neatly. The durable fabric protects against dust and pets. Slotted body provides ability to connect all devices, no matter the location. No tools necessary; the NEET Cable Keeper was created for the home user and professional installer alike. Designed and Assembled in the USA. $25; www.neetproducts.com
September 23, 2015


30 HARDWARE RETAILING | September 2015
The Cable Keeper provides cable management for the home or office. Users simply unzip the Cable Keeper, feed the cables in and zip it up. The slotted body provides the ability to connect all devices, regardless of their location. The product has easy exit and entry cutout slots and fits eight or more device cables. The Cable Keeper doesn’t require tools for assembly and is designed and made in the USA. NEET PRODUCTS 903-350-3756 or www.neetproducts.com
August 05, 2015


By Michael Franco

While not technically a cable, the Neet sleeve gets a place in this roundup because it can make any cable a little smarter.

Kind of like a knitted sweater for your cables, the Neet Cable Keeper is a fabric sleeve with a shapeable wire embedded in it. The sleeve zips open completely and lets you lay your charging cable (or earphones) inside. Once zipped back up, the sleeve not only protects your cable, it keeps it from getting tangled. Also, because of the wire that's hidden beneath the fabric, you can shape the cable to double as a stand for your smartphone.

The sleeves come in 3-foot lengths and a variety of colors that can help with identifying your cords.

July 30, 2015

Manage, organize and protect your mobile device cables with NEET Cable Keeper

By Kimberly
Phone Chargers

 There are a lot of things that my family goes through on a regular basis… toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, pens, batteries and power cords to charge cellphones. You have no idea how many times I have had to buy replacement power cables/cords for the cellphones. My kids either lose them, they get damaged or worse yet – the cats chew them in half. After all, to a cat the power cord/cable is nothing but a fun string to play with.

I buy replacements so much that I have them bookmarked on my site so I can quickly reorder when needed. Thankfully my kids each have an iPhone 5 so they can share a power cord if need be. My husband has a 5 also (work phone) and both of us have an iPhone 4s, so we can share that cord if need be. My husband and I take better care of them then our kids do.

What if there was a solution to this problem that will not only help protect your cables/cords from cats, but also organize them, protect them and even help to identify them (so you know which one belongs to which person). There IS a solution – it’s called the NEET Cable Keeper.

NEET Cable Keeper

The NEET Cable Keeper is a fabric shell designed to protect your cables from frays and ripping (and ideally from cats chewing on them too). The Cable Keeper allows you to form your cables into compact shapes and supports your cables by bearing some of the strain when winding and bending your cables, which can lengthen the life of your cable.

There is a zipper zipper pull that helps making insertion of the cable/cord easier. It also allows for you add multiple cables together to help organize all the cords you need in one sleeve.

The NEET Cable Keeper is available in 10 vibrant colors – black, light blue, gold, green, royal blue, pink, red, silver, white and yellow. You can assign a specific color to each person in your household or organize a group of cords/cables by color.



They are available in 3ft/100 cm lengths and range in price – Universal ($12), Micro-USB to USB ($17) and MFi Apple Lightening ($30).

The cords/cables are NOT included with the NEET Cable Keeper. You need to supply your own cable/cord.

I have two of the NEET Cable Keepers. One I keep on my iPhone charging cord and the other I keep on the cord for my camera (the one I use to transfer photos from the camera to the computer). We have A LOT of cords/cables for a variety of products. It seems like everything has a power cord these days. It’s hard to keep track of what belongs to what. That is why I like to be able to easily identify which cable I need by knowing the NEET Cable Keeper cover I’ve assigned to it. It makes finding the right cord so much easier. I can even do it without looking (just by the feel of the NEET Cable Keeper).

I found putting the NEET Cable Keeper on the cord/cable very easy to do.

I think this is the ideal solution for all your cable/cord needs. Not only does it protect them but it helps to organize them too.

This is one of those “Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner” products. I wish we had NEET Cable Keepers years ago. It would have saved me a lot of money on lost, broken and cat chewed on cords for the cellphones.

If you would like to learn more about NEET Cable Keepers please visit www.NEETProducts.com. You can also find the brand on social media (links found on their website).

What do you think about NEET Cable Keepers? Is this a much needed product in your home? Feel free to share your thoughts. 


July 21, 2015

Cable Keeper

Brittany and Chad talk about the NEET Cable Keeper.

July 10, 2015

Travel accessories that make travel easier

By Editor 

NEET Cable Keeper — Cable management solution will organize, protect and help users identify their mobile device cables — all in one neat little package. The Cable Keeper allows you to form your cables into compact shapes and supports your cables by bearing some of the strain when winding and bending your cables, which can lengthen the life of your cable. The vibrant, fabric shell is designed to protect your cables from frays and ripping. It also

NEET Cable Keeper.

NEET Cable Keeper.

gives your cable a bit of flare, personality and identity, so now you know which cable is yours. The zipper pull allows you to install new cables or install additional/multiple cables to give you the ability to organize all the cords you need in one sleeve. neetproducts.com

June 18, 2015

The Ultimate Dads and Grads Gift Guide

y Becca Ludlum

NEET Cable Keeper ($12) A tangle-free way to keep your cables organized at home and ready to travel. The colorful fabric shell with full zipper opening provides protection and structure to keep cords organized, and the unique design includes a structured wire which allows cables to be folded once they are enclosed in the shell. The full zipper gives easy access and the flared bottom allows room for more than one cable. NEET’s bright array of colors available makes it easy to identify your cords and keep them out of the way. Designed for mobile device cables 3 ft. (100 cm) or longer—cable not included. Available in 13 vibrant colors.  

June 13, 2015

NEET Cable Keepers – No More Tangles

By Athena

NEET Cable Keepers


Generally cables are little difficult to manage but NEET Cable Keepers possess an inner wire to hold the actual shape and it provides easy organization as well as management. You can easily wrap and wind cables with the NEET cable keeper to place them inside your computer bag and they will surely be nice and neat inside your bag unlike all other cables and cords. The concept behind the NEET Cable Keeper is really very simple. Actually this cable is a strip about three foot long of nylon mesh, a flexible wire is embedded inside this mesh which can be zipped up as needed.

Here are some unique benefits of NEET Cable Keepers:

Reduce Cable Chaos: This cable consists of a bendable wire inside which can be turned easily into any shape. NEET allows you to wind and bend the cable as needed so you can put them inside a small drawer as well as inside your computer bag without any trouble. You need not to worry about tangles when you are using NEET cables.

Protection: If you wind your cables tightly, surely they got damaged eventually due to stress and fatigue but when we use the NEET cable keeper for cables damage stays far away. This wire keeper possesses a nylon mesh as an extra layer so the cables stay protected even if household pets try to chew them (such as an English Mastiff or New Foundland). 

Cable identification

You will be happy to know that NEET cable keeper is available in eleven different colours. Usually we lose our cables when working in groups (I work in education) since we all have white or black – but with the NEET wire keeper we have a unique color for our cables that can be identified easily.

Easy to use: These wire keepers are easy to use because of their slip and zip type construction. You can store more than one wire inside a single keeper depending upon the thickness of cable. It makes for a perfect casing for our cables so we can find them easily when needed.

I received payment, product(s) or services in exchange for an honest opinion.  I only recommend products or services I use personally and/or I believe would be helpful for my readers.  The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.  Your experience with the product(s) or service(s) may differ from mine.

June 04, 2015

6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas (One’s Free!)

By Erin 

Cable Keeper


Does your guy love his electronics but hate to keep them organized? The NEET Cable Keeper ($12) is a cable solution that will organize and protect your device cables while helping you color code them. The zipper pull allows you to install new cables or install additional/multiple cables to give you the ability to organize all the cords you need in one sleeve. The product is available in 10 colors and three styles to suit his taste and needs.

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