Neet Cable Keeper Review – Easy Mobile Cable Organizer!

By Kendra Gammie

In today’s society of technology users, there is one thing almost everyone has an abundance of … mobile cables! Like most, we have boxes of cables that, if not stored carefully, can become tangled in a heart beat. Never mind the fact that they all look the same. A big thanks goes out to Neet Products and their Cable Keeper, as they help to make your cable life so much easier!


We received the Cable Keeper in an incredbily simple packaging, which on the front features a picture of the product and the fact that it can help you organize, protect, identify and do more, all with this one accessory.

Neet Cable Keeper-2

On the back, Neet Products dig a little deeper into what each of those sub headings mean, with a few photo examples.

Neet Cable Keeper-1

The Cable Keeper is three feet lock and has a diameter of 0.25″, which for most that will hold three mobile cables. The Cable Keeper unzips to let you place your lightning cable within it.

Neet Cable Keeper-6

The lightning cable is now able to be stored in a much more organized fashion. This is reported to help reduce the amount of wear and tear placed on those cable ends and to help identify certain cables with ease.

Neet Cable Keeper-4

The Cable Keeper is available in eleven different bright and vibrant colors, letting you choose based on personal preference or for a specific color management system. At the a low price of $12.00 this is very reasonable price to keep your sanity and cables clear of tangles.

Neet Cable Keeper-3

We found that the Neet Cable Keeper is truly a unique accessory really to any smartphone. The Cable Keeper also features a stiff piece of steel that can be folded and mended into any orientation you would like. You could even turn this Cable Keeper into a stand for your iPhone! One of the ways we best used the Cable Keeper was by storing our lightning cable. This made life much easier rather than having to worry about it getting tangled when in transit.

Neet Cable Keeper-5

Overall, we were very impressed by the Neet Cable Keeper and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick, easy and cheap way to store your mobile cables. For that, we award Neet Products with our Innovation Award!