NEET Cable Keeper Review: Reducing Cable Clutter

By Kirsti Correa


Technology and electronics have undoubtedly made lives easier, allowing people to connect to their devices no matter where they are. However, one of the problems with toting a phone and tablet around is the lengthy cords that must tag along. Even if you’re only planning on using your device for a few hours, it’s not enough to rely on the battery life to power it all day. The cables — and tangled mess that results from transporting the chargers — are an unfortunate byproduct.

Fortunately, there are some options to reduce the clutter you must carry around with your devices and the time you spend unraveling unruly cords. NEET Productsoffers a solution that will also protect your cords.

Declutter the Cords

The NEET Cable Keeper is one solution to manage the tangles. The sleeve features a fabric shell that wraps around the cable, and opens and closes with the pull of a zipper. It is also roomy enough to store multiple cords. You can store about three cables in one spot, which is especially helpful for users on the go. A structure wire inside helps to protect the cables from ripping and tearing when they’re wound up inside your purse or backpack.

The Cable Keeper can store any type of cord.


It fits cables for all mobile devices and tablets, but keep in mind that it is three feet long. Most standard chargers are equal length, but if you have extended cords for convenience, you may need to look for another solution. While the cable keeper can still be affixed to the long cord, it’s not as beneficial as you’re left with cables hanging off the sides.

Brighter is Better

Multiple color choices are also available ranging from bright hues like yellow and green to primary shades like red and blue. Since the goal of the Cable Keeper is to be convenient, skip the black option as it can easily get lost in a purse or briefcase. Opt instead for the gray or white if you prefer a neutral choice. The colored options are the best bet, as you’ll easily be able to identify which charger is yours and locate it when you stuff it into your bag.

A bright color will work best.


The NEET Cable Keeper is a useful option for anyone who uses electronic devices on the go. It is available now on the NEET Products website for $12.