~ Influence Central received a NEET M Cable Keeper to facilitate our post. All opinions are our own.

Spring is here! So that means it’s time to clean out drawers, get organized, and consolidate items as much as possible.

A new product that I found to help me with my office spring cleaning is NEET Product’s Cable Keeper. All you have to do is slide cables through the cable keeper and zip it up, and the areas near your electronics are instantly neater!

Up to three cables can fit in each cable keeper, so even if your computer area has six cords, it will only seem like there are two. These cable keepers come in 11 different colors, so based on what they’re used for, you use various colored NEET Cable Keepers to sort and identify your cords. Color coding is a major problem solver for when every cord looks the same and you just want to charge your phone!

Perhaps my favorite aspect of these cable keepers is that they make areas with cords so much safer. Since the cords are wrapped up, it’s much more difficult for a child or a pet (or clumsy adult) to trip over and hurt themselves. (Or to pull a laptop or tablet on to the floor!) With so many possible uses for the NEET cable keeper, getting one is a no-brainer!

You can purchase a 3-foot NEET M Cable Keeper with no cable for $12 or a 3-foot NEET M Cable Keeper with Micro USB or MFi Lightning Cable for $18 at or on Amazon.